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Oct 20, 2015

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We are so excited to share this week’s installment of the Podcast! Last week, Addy gave us a preview into the new novel by Tamara Ireland Stone entitled Every Last Word and this week we have the honor and privilege to speak with Tamara and the woman who read the audiobook, Amy Rubinate. It was such a pleasure to speak with both women about their journeys, hear the stories that have inspired them to do what they do, and, in turn, to be encouraged and inspired by their experiences and advice.

Prior to becoming an author, Tamara owned her own marketing strategy firm. But her true calling has always been writing. Now her bibliography includes three novels. In addition to Every Last Word, which centers around a young girl with OCD, she also wrote Time Between Us in 2012 and Time After Time in 2013, both exploring an unlikely romance between a girl from 1995 Chicago and a time-traveling boy from 2012 San Francisco. The author is very active on social media, including Twitter and Tumblr, so we encourage you to connect with her and thank her for the time she spent with us on the Podcast!

From behind the pen to behind the mic, we get a glimpse into where Amy got her start as well. Amy actually began as a cabaret singer, then migrated into voiceovers before falling in love with audiobooks and finding a niche in that industry. Since getting involved with audiobooks, and starting her own audiobook publishing company called Ideal Audiobooks, Amy has recorded dozens of books and received the AudioFile’s Earphones Award.

As much as it is a treat to hear both of their stories, it is even more incredible to hear about the relationship and rapport the women have developed since their paths crossed following the release of Tamara’s first book. They hold deep respect for one another, and the industry of books and audiobooks, out of which comes an invigorating passion in the way they talk about their craft.

If you are as much a book and audiobook nerd as we are, you are going to love the detail that Tamara and Amy go into about their respective trades. On Tamara’s side, we get a look into how she begins writing, how she develops characters, and that routine she has when starting out on a new idea to get inside the heads of her characters. On Amy’s side, she tells us about how she goes about bringing a voice to the story she narrates, both in resonating with the characters and with the author.

The stories and experiences these women share are so wonderful and we’re always just so thankful to speak with individuals in the industry who are eager to see the medium thrive. When we have the chance to hear authors and narrators genuinely fawn over what they do, and also express a genuine love for the craft, it is equally as transdimensional as it is to be immersed in a book or audiobook. They transport us to this dimension where all that exists are fictional stories that enable us to depict deep truths in relatable ways, and we really felt that throughout this conversation.

Thanks for joining us this week! We encourage you to reach out to Tamara and Amy on social media and thank them for their time. Be sure to check out Tamara’s other books, as well as the ones Amy has narrated. And then, let us know what you thought of the interview. What inspired you? What did you learn? Let us know!

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