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Nov 17, 2015

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Welcome to the Podcast! Every week we have the great privilege of chatting about the audiobooks industry, sometimes talking about what we’re currently listening to, other times getting to speak with people on the business side or authors or avid book lovers. The spectrum of guests has been enlightening and rewarding and we look to continue that streak with this installment, featuring special guest Sanjay Singhal, CEO of! Our conversation with Sanjay covers everything from where started from to where the industry is headed and to what is currently in his audiobooks queue.

Meet & Greet

We’re getting an inside look this week from the man who devotes his livelihood to anticipating and innovating the future of the audiobooks industry. It is both encouraging and exciting to hear about the passion Sanjay has for the industry, and audiobooks in general, because it only means good things to come our way in the future.

Inspired by Netflix and the methodology of delivering entertainment to the doorstep of a consumer, Sanjay and his business partner launched Simply Audiobooks in Canada back in 2003 with monthly fees and an assortment of titles in their collection. After sticking with the business despite a rocky first year, audiobook rentals have exploded into a lucrative and evolutionary business.

Looking at the last couple decades of audio, it’s amazing to see how the preferred medium has transformed the delivery; from cassettes to CDs to digital media, our methods of consumption have changed tremendously, and industry leaders like Sanjay have been on point to meet new needs as they arise. As the escalation of technological advances shows no sign of slowing down, the format of audiobooks will no doubt continue to change as well.

Watching the market, watching technology, and listening to the consumer base helped Sanjay to guide the delivery of audiobooks in a transformative way. This same attention, and same passion for making audiobooks accessible to everyone, is now leading audiobooks into the next phase of life as interest and competition increases.

Finishing Well

Lately, we’ve been talking about some peripheral topics surrounding reading and listening to books, and this week we approached the question of whether it’s imperative to finish a book once you’ve started. Brian is reading a book that he considers mostly review for him for where he is in his career, but isn’t quite sure how he feels about quitting on the book.

What do you think? When is it appropriate to set a book aside, with no real interest in completing it? Do you have a rule you follow when you find yourself in these situations? Send us an email and let us know your perspective!

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