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Dec 8, 2015

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Can you handle the truth? The Real Brian and the One and Only Addy serve it up on a silver platter in this week’s installment of the Podcast! We had the great privilege of speaking with Neil Strauss, author of 2005 New York Times bestseller The Game and the newly released The Truth. From an elite player in a secret society celebrating the artistry of picking up women to a father and committed monogamist, Neil tells us about the amazing journey of writing The Truth that lead him away from being a monogamy nay-sayer.

Having already exposed his pick-up methods and encounters in a very detailed manner throughout The Game, and later Emergency, we were interested in learning about how his approach to the new book differed from his approach to the earlier ones. How did the writing process change for him? Did he continue to learn more about himself as he put it into words?

To our great surprise and interest, Neil says that he started out writing The Truth as a means to redefine relationships and speak out against monogamy, coming at the book with all sorts of research that exposed the inefficiencies of that lifestyle. But at one point, while re-reading his own words, he reflected on the voice coming from the page and thought he sounded like a man scared of intimacy and commitment. This reflection redirected his course and turned The Truth into what it is today, an uncomfortable book about relationships.

Neil leaves us with some excellent advice that corresponds directly to the wonderful conversation we had in the course of getting to know him and his new book. He gives this advice: “Lovingly and compassionately question and challenge yourself, question your presuppositions and the bases on which you have your thoughts. Challenge yourself to break habits and routines, to get outside your comfort zone.”

We want to thank Neil for being a guest on our show this week and hope that you will too! You can find him on Twitter, @NeilStrauss and keep up with his latest projects by visiting his website, Check out his available audiobooks in the Books & Resources section in this blog post.

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