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Dec 22, 2015

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A love of a particular book arises for many reasons. A premise, a concept, a theme often draws us to the book, but an author’s imagination is usually what makes us stay. This week on the Podcast, we speak with an author who has that envious and covetous imagination which brings books to life in a multidimensional sort of way. Lee Stephens, author of Dawn of Destiny, part of the Epic series, created a full production audio drama out of his first novel and joins us for a little chat!

To give you an idea of just how involved and exciting the audiobook is, we play a short clip of his epic science fiction adventure. In this clip we hear both the description of the action and the sound effects that accompany it. We hear unique voices for each characters. And, most importantly, we hear the result of four and a half years of commitment to a project Lee believed in and wanted to share with the world.

The plan for the Epic Universe is an 8-book series. Four are currently available, but only Dawn of Destiny is available in audiobook form. The fifth book, Lee promises, is nearing completion. We asked Lee if he has plans to turn the other books into the same type of audio drama as he did with the first one. You’ll have to tune in to the podcast for the answer!

The story featured here in this podcast, Dawn of Destiny, follows a young man heeding a call to war. Earth has been invaded by three alien species, and Scott Remington is one of a handful of young men that lead outstanding excursions onto the battlefield, coming up with the impossible, and igniting an action-packed story. This book explores though-provoking themes about the human condition, about God and faith, and about what it means to answer a call on one’s life.

A huge thank you to Lee for being on the show this week! Take a moment to go check out Lee’s website,, and then show him some love on Twitter: @epicuniverse. His first, and only, audiobook (thus far) is available at! Check out the Books and Resources section of this post to be redirected.

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